Monette May and Associates is a boutique firm of specialty liability Adjusters founded in 1998 by John Monette and Darrell May.

We specialize in the handling of complex liability claims.

We are a diverse group of well-educated, experienced and knowledgeable professionals with backgrounds in insurance, engineering, business administration and risk management.

This diversity of expertise has allowed our firm to evolve from its original focus on claims involving design professionals and the construction industry to claims involving large property/casualty losses and all manner of professionals and other service providers who practice in the legal, financial and medical sectors.

We are committed to providing exceptional service. Every claim file we receive, no matter how simple or how complex, is handled in a consistent, thorough and professional manner.

Each and every claim undergoes a comprehensive investigation and analysis to develop the information our clients need to address coverage and set reserves.

We are adept at analyzing complex technical issues, determining what information is pertinent to the dispute at hand and developing a resolution plan.

We are licensed in the Provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.